Advanced building systems

Our construction system called Light Steel Framing (cold bending of thin strips of galvanized steel) allows you to get any kind of structure producing all the elements necessary for its realization.
The design phase uses the most advanced design software and 3D structural analysis, which allow you to tackle any type of project. Before the architectural idea is developed in detail on the basis of the technical specifications, then thanks to the three-dimensional visualization is provided an image of the structure and each component, allowing for any necessary corrections. Finally, all the information is transferred to the forming machines that carry out production of the elements that form the building.

The realization phase of the structures takes place rapidly, with the highest accuracy through the use of elements of high quality without any kind of imperfection. Thanks to the lightness and maximum precision of the components, the system allows a considerable reduction of production costs and construction site, since transport and assembly are simple and fast.

Scal efficienza e risparmio energetico
The profile geometry allows the inclusion of any type of insulating material ensuring high thermal resistance of the building envelope. The high efficiency of the building provides significant energy savings and a greater respect for the environment, of course, the realization in classifying higher-energy class.

The property also has all the requirements such as earthquake-proof: Lightness and High Degree of dissipation, therefore making it resistant to earthquakes of high intensity level.