The four pillars of Scal


The architectural design is developed on the basis of the technical specifications thanks to the exclusive CAD-CAM software, allowing you to make changes directly on the virtual model. The system imposes no limit to the creativity and integrates seamlessly with all applications and materials.

Once you have approved the project, all the elements that constitute the building are made from integrated production system and quickly assembled.


The SCAL system ensures the highest accuracy in the production of the elements, thus making it simple and fast assembly of the structure. Due to the simplicity of assembly and the lightness of the structures can reduce the time to optimize your site and work teams. They are also not required expensive construction equipment, vastly reducing the burden of the investor.


risparmio energetico e rispetto ambiente sistemi costruttivi scal The particular structural profile allows the insertion of the best and most appropriate insulating materials, thereby limiting the transmission of heat through the walls. This provides a significant energy savings and a better environment. Furthermore, the steel does not emit gases, is hypoallergenic and free of resins. These characteristics make it the best choice in the field of environmentally friendly construction. Steel is the most recycled material in the world, because 100% recoverable.


The steel frames are lightweight and durable offering a high degree of safety and security, particularly in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes and strong winds. The non-combustibility of steel protects against fire hazards, while its conductivity provides a direct path to ground in case of lightning. The steel is less susceptible to the adverse effects of weather, such as deformation due to settling, the attack of micro-organisms, mold or insects.